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实用文档1. The company may be reluctant to ________ too far from the basic terms of this agreement, but there are a number of things that are negotiable. A. deviate B. disconnect C. detach D. distract 2. As manager of our computer department, I ________ your employee, John Doe, for the prompt and polite service he provided to us last week. A. comment B. celebrate C. claim D. commend 3. Let us be exact in what we say so as to ________ any possibility of misunderstanding. A. reply B. alleviate C. preclude 实用文档D. proclaim 4. The company has been developing in a big way and is gaining ________ internationally. A. prestige B. dedication C. humanity D. persecution 5. My usual feeling of respect, ________ with a little fear, had been replaced by the warmest concern. A. migrated B. matched C. mingled D. melted 6. The pill cannot cure a common cold, but it can ________ the symptoms (症状). A. aggravate B. alleviate C. medicate D. bypass 7. As a small boy, Thomas Edison was slow ________ learning to read and write. 实用文档A. on B. with C. about D. in 8. His ________ to help the poor people earn him great prestige. A. dilemmas B. icons C. endeavors D. accommodation 9. Due to the ________ domestic market, the business has to adjust its import and export policies. A. diligent B. tedious C. suspicious D. slack 10. He realized that it was difficult to ________ on this infertile land any longer. A. inhibit B. inhabit C. gather 实用文档D. retreat 11. I suggest we put the scheme into effect, for it is quite ________. A. vulnerable B.
Unit 8giftpresentgraduationkneesignbillchainzX.x.Kcombgiftgraduationcentcountaffordpresentkneesignsearchn. 礼物n. 毕业典礼n. 分,分币v. 计算或清点总数v. 买得起n. 礼物n. 膝盖n. 招牌v. 搜寻Words Learningchainbillstepdrawsetcomblook forat leastfix...onhold outn. 链子n. 账单n. 脚步声v. 掏出n. 一组n. 梳子寻找最终集中目光、注意力于递出look forat lastfix on hold outbe accused ofunder the name of 1. afford.1)afford sth, 意思是 “? 得起某物 .” 2) afford to do意思是 “? 担得起做某事 ”。 He can''t afford to buy a car。 他 ? 担不起 ? 一部 ? 。At last we were able to afford a piano.我们终于能买得起一架钢琴了。 2. count.1) v.? 算或清点 ? 数2) countable,形容 ? “可数的 ”。 countable nouns 。 可数名 ? 。Don''t forget to count your change.别忘记数一下找给你的零钱。zX.x.K 3. search1) search for sb/sth.? 找某人2) search sb,搜某人的身。 The police are searching the thief 。 警察在搜小 ? 的身。We are searching for the little boy.我们在找那个小男孩。 4. at last= finally = in the end1)2)At last, the train arrived in the station.火车终于到站了。We put up the decorations and the tree and started to feel Christmas?at?last.我们布置好了装饰品和圣诞树,这才开始感受到圣诞节的气氛。 5. look “全知道 ”look at 看look for 找look after照顾look up 查阅look over检查look like 看起来像1. 他上上下下仔细地打量着这个陌生人 He looked at the stranger up and down. 2. 汤姆的哥哥急于找到一份工作 Tom''s brother is anxious to look for a job. 3. 多年来她一直照顾她年迈的双亲。 She has looked after her elder parents for many years.He looks like his father. 4. 他长得像他父亲。Translate the phrases into English.1.买得起一件礼物2. 搜寻商店3. 寻找一件礼物4. 一条表链5. 掏出一个盒子6. 一套梳子7. 终于afford a presentsearch through the storeslook for a presenta watch chaindraw a boxa set of combsat lastTranslate the sent

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词汇手册ketvocabularylist 33P


VOCABULARY LIST Key English Test (KET) Key English Test for Schools (KETfS) KET Vocabulary List ? UCLES 2012 ? UCLES 2012 Page 2 of 29 KET Vocabulary List Introduction to the KET Vocabulary List The KET Vocabulary List gives teachers a guide to the vocabulary needed when preparing students for the KET and K? UCLES 2012 Page 3 of 29 KET Vocabulary List ? Multi-word verbs All multi-word (or phrasal) verbs that a KET or KET for Schools candidate might be expected to know are included in the list. These ve? UCLES 2012 Page 4 of 29 KET Vocabulary List Contents A .................................................................................................................................. 5 B .......? UCLES 2012 Page 5 of 29 KET Vocabulary List A a/an (det) able (adj) ? be able to about (adv & prep) ? What about a cold drink? ? I have about £3. (adv) ? a book about animals (prep) above (adv &? UCLES 2012 Page 6 of 29 KET Vocabulary List B baby (n) back (n, adv & adj) backpack (n) bad (adj) badly (adv) badminton (n) bag (n) bake (v) ball (n) balloon (n) banana (n) band (n) ban? UCLES 2012 Page 7 of 29 KET Vocabulary List brave (adj) bread (n) break (n & v) ? a break for lunch (n) ? Someone’s broken the window. (v) breakfast (n) bridge (n) bright (adj) brilliant (adj) ? ? UCLES 2012 Page 8 of 29 KET Vocabulary List child (n) chilli (n) chips (n pl) ? egg and chips chocolate (n) choose (v) cinema (n) circle (n) circus (n) city (n) class (n) ? a language class ? a f? UCLES 2012 Page 9 of 29 KET

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8aunit5 vocabulary 16P

8aunit5 vocabulary.ppt

Unit 51 Is Zhalong a nature reserve? Is it right to hunt or fish there?2 Do you feel comfortable if you wear new leather shoes to walk a long way in Zhalong?3 Will you be welcome if you leave litter(rubbish) in Zhalong?4 There are not many red-crowned cranes in the world. Are they common?5 Is it possible to see the birds in the future if we do not protect the wetlands?incorrectuncomfortableunwelcomeuncommonimpossibleoppositesfriendly ?happy ?comfortable ?safe ?healthy ?unfriendlyunhappyuncomfortableunsafeunhealthy“un-”necessary ?welcome ?common ?able ?unnecessaryunwelcomeuncommonunableUnit 5oppositesIf someone shows good manners to others, he is a polite person.If someone does not show good manners to others, he is not polite.?If someone does not show good manners to others, he is impolite.polite ?possible ?impoliteimpossible“im-”Unit 5That coat is only 100yuan. It’s not expensive.That is inexpensive.expensive ?correct ?inexpensiveincorrect“in-”Unit 5I don’t believe what he says, because he is not honest.I don’t believe what he says, because he is _________.dishonestdishonest “dis-”These desks are not regular. Please put these irregular desks in order.regular ? irregular “ir-”Unit 5necessaryimportantcomfortablehappywelcomecommonfriendlyableregularcorrectpossiblepolitehonestunnecessaryunimportantuncomfortableunhappyunwelcomeuncommonunfriendlyunableirregularincorrectimpossibleimpolitedishonestopposites Unit 51.You will be________ to

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必修5-unit2的词汇详细讲解unit2-vocabulary 28P


必修五必修五 Unit 2 The United Kingdom Vocabulary1.consist /vi./ ? 成;在于;一致consist of 由 …… ? 成(不用于 ? 行 ?? 和被 ??? )consist of 表示 “整体包含部分 ”;make up 表示 “部分 ? 成整体 ”,既可以用于主 ??? ,也可以用于被 ??? ;The book consists of nineteen chapters. = The book is made up of nineteen chapters.consist in 在于,存在于( =lie in)consist with与 ….. 一致2. divide…..into 把把 ………… 分成分成divide sth. (between / among sb.) 把某物分配 ? 某人divide A by B A除以 B辨析 divide/ separatedivide 指把整体分成若干部分,常与 between, among, by, into 等搭配;separate 指把原来 ? 在一起或靠近的人或事物分开,个体没有遭到破坏,常与介 ? from ?用;We divided the apple into several pieces. 我 ? 把苹果分成了几 ? 。Please separate the bad apples from the good ones. ? 把坏苹果和好苹果分开。3.clarify /vt./ 澄清;澄清; ?? 明明clarify one’s stand/position ? 明某人的立 ?clarify a situation / problem 澄清情况 /??I hope what I say will clarify the situation. 我希望我 ? 的 ? 能澄清 ? 一情况。clarified /adj./?? 的; clarified water ?? 水 ; clarification /n./ 澄清, ? 明4.accomplish /vt./ 完成(任 ? );达到(目的);?? ( ? 划、 ? 言等) Thanks to your help, I’ve accomplished the task in advance.多 亏 你的帮助,我已 ? 提前完成了任 ? 。accomplish 做 “完成 ”?? ,近 ?? 有:finish/achieve/complete/fulfill;accomplishment /n./成就,完成;成 ? ;才?accomplished /adj./ 精通;擅 ? ;be accomplished at/in 擅 ? ……5.conflict /n./矛盾,冲突conflict with…… 与 ……. 冲突 /矛盾in conflict with 与某人 …….. 冲突come into conflict with sb. 与某人 ? 生冲突 /争?These results conflict with earlier findings.? 些 ? 果与早期的 ?? 相矛盾。Mary often comes into conflict with her boss.??? 常和她的老板 ? 生争 ? 。6.unwilling /adj./不愿意(的);不 ? 意(的)(常做表 ? )be unwilling to do sth. 不愿意做某事反 ? 表达: 愿意做某事be willing to do sth.

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秋外研版高中英语必修一课件:m1 reading and vocabulary共41张 41P

秋外研版高中英语必修一课件:m1 reading and vocabulary共41张.ppt

P2Reading and VocabularyModule 1 My First Day at Senior HighBefore?the?classI?want?you?to?be?engaged?in?the?material.?I?want?you?to?be?engaged?in?whatever?it?is?that?we?are?discussing?in?class.?Not?necessarily?thinking?about?getting?down?every?word?that?I?say.?I’d?like?you?to?take?active?notes?rather?than?passive?notes.?Write?down?what?can?make?you?feel?or?learn?something. Better?attention,?better?understanding?of?the?material?if?you?are?actively?engaged.Better?attention,?better?understanding?of?the?material?if?you?are?actively?engaged.I?want?you?to?be?engaged?in?the?material.?I?want?you?to?be?engaged?in?whatever?it?is?that?we?are?discussing?in?class.?Not?necessarily?think?about?getting?down?every?word?that?I?say.?I’d?like?you?to?take?active?notes?rather?than?passive?notes.?Write?down?what?can?make?you?feel?or?learn?something. ReviewWords and expressionsWords?Reviewprovinceenthusiasticamazinginformationwebsitebrilliantcomprehensioninstructionn.?省adj.?热心的adj.?令人吃惊的n.?信息n.?网站;网址adj.?(口语)极好的n.?理解;领悟n.?(常作复数 )指示;说明methodboredembarrassedattitudebehaviourpreviousdescriptionn.?方法adj.?厌烦的;厌倦的adj.?尴尬的;难堪的n.?态度n.?行为;举动adj.?以前的;从前的n.?记述;描述Words?ReviewObjectives1.To?get?a?general?idea?about?Li?Kang’s?first?day?at?senior?high?and?retell?the?main?idea?of?the?passage2.?To?know?how?to?talk?about?your?first?day?at?Senior?High?3.?To?learn?some?useful?words?and?expressions?in?the?passageWords:?enthusiastic????amazing????bored?????brilliant???information????attitude???previous???method?embarrassed?????behaviour?????descriptionPatterns

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新课标人教版选修八book8_unit5_vocabulary 14P


选修 8 Unit 5  Meeting your ancestors●重点单词1. alternative n. 可能的 ?? adj.供 ?? 的;其他的2. starvation n.挨 ? ; ? 死 → starve vi.挨 ? ; ? 死3. accuracy n.精确;准确 → accurate adj.准确的;精确的4. interrupt vt. & vi.打断 …… ?? ;打岔; ?? 中断或中止5. assume vt.假定; ? 想 → assumption n.假定; ? 想6. sharpen vi. & vt.(使 )? 利 ;尖 ? ;清晰 → sharpener n.磨具;削具7. messy adj.凌乱的; ? 的 → mess n.凌乱 , ?8. botany n.植物学 → botanical adj.植物学的9. analysis n.分析 → analyses pl.→ analyse vt.分析→ analyst n.分析者 , 化 ??10. category n.种 ? ; ?? ;范畴11. significance n.意 ? ;意思;重要性 , 重要意 ?12. delete vt.? ; ? 除13. somehow adv.以 …… 方式;不知怎么地14. academy n.学院;学会;学 ?? 体;院校15. applaud vi. & vt.鼓掌 ? 迎; ?? → applause n.鼓掌16. accelerate vi. & vt.加速;促 ?17. arrest vt.逮捕;吸引 n.逮捕;拘留18. dizzy adj.? 眩的;昏乱的;使人 ?? 或困惑的●重点短语1. regardless of不管;不 ?2. at most 至多;最多3. cut up 切碎4. fed up with 受 ? 了; ? 受; ??5. look ahead 向前看; ? 将来打算6. date back 追溯到 ……Ⅰ .词汇短语过关1. alternativeadj. 选其一的;替代的n. (两者或两者以上 )选择;二选其一;可供选择的东西;替代物 have no alternative but to do sth. ? 无 ?? 只好做 ……[即学即练 ] alternative energy _____________ We _____________ but to go on. 除了继续下去,我们别无选择。可替代能源have no alternative2. interrupt vi. 打岔  vt. 暂时中断或中止interruption n. 中断,打断interrupt sb. 打断某人的 ?? 或正在做的事without interruption 不 ? 断地[即学即练 ](1)Traffic was interrupted by a dense fog.(2)It is not polite to interrupt when others are talking.中断 打断His speech was constantly interrupted by applause.3. assume v. 假定;设想assumption n. 假定,假设(1) The scientists assume that there are no animals on the moon. (2)_____________ (that) it rains, what shall we

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外研社必修3 module3reading and vocabulary 21P

外研社必修3 module3reading and vocabulary.ppt

What do you think about tornado and hurricane?Can you describe them in your own words?tornado tornado hurricaneRead about the Gulf Steam and check the meaning of the words 1. What is a current ?(a) A kind of electricity (b) A movement of water(c) A kind of wind 2. What kind of things flow ?(a) Water (b) Time (c) Money3. If two places are on the same latitude ,they are on the same line _____(a) east/west (b) north/south★★★Match the words with the definitions.bury disaster feather fur occur tropical1.You can see this on an animal _____2.describe the hottest parts of the earth_____ furtropical3 a terrible event ______4 you can see these on a bird ______ 5 to place in the ground or tomb______6 to happen ______disasterfeatherburyoccurMatch the article with its main idea.FAST-READINGvArticle onevArticle twovArticle threevCharles Coghlan’s story in the worst hurricane disaster.vA rotating column of air and its power.vHurricanes are strong tropical storms and introduce its power and the worst disaster by it.Read the first part carefully and answer questions.CAREFUL-READING1. What is a tornado?A tornado is a rotating column of air from a thunderstorm to the ground.2. What can happen to furniture when a house is destroyed by a tornado?Furniture can be inside exactly where it was.3. What can tornadoes do? They can pick up…, put down…, take off..., destroy…, leave….Read the first part of the passage carefully. Answer the questions.1. How strong are to

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第三章:建工英语词汇(vocabularyforarchitectureenglish) 24P


建工英语词汇(Vocabulary for Architecture English)accommodate [?''k?m?deit] vt. 容纳;使…适应acoustic [?''ku:stik] adj. 声音的,听觉的activate[''?ktiveit] v. 触发,启动【例句】activated by selfish motives在自私动机的驱使下actuate [''?ktjueit咱们从装配线开始看好吗? backflow [''b?kfl?u] n. 回流bar [bɑ:] n.条 , 棒, 横木basement [''beism?nt] n.地下室,地下层【例句】The central heating boiler is in basement.中央供暖系统的锅炉设在地下室。 basin [''beisn] n. 盆beam [bi:m] n. 横梁 【建筑用语】concrcirculation [,s?:kju''lei??n] n. 循环,环流;运行.cistern [''sist?n] n. 水塔,蓄水池civil engineering 土木(民用)工程cladding[''kl?di?] n. 被覆,包层classify [''kl?sifai] v. 分类【例句】Some collectors have used the parts of the body compromise [''k?mpr?maiz] n. 妥协;折衷,vt./ vi. 妥协;和解【例句】We can not compromise on such terms.我们不能根据这样的条件和解。confine [k?n''fain] vt. 限制:使局限于【例句】I shall confine myself to the subject of geography.我将专攻地理学。codeflect [di''flekt] v. (使)偏斜, (使)偏转【例句】The bullet struck a wall and was deflected from its course.那子弹击中墙壁,因而偏斜。deform [di''f?:m] v. 使变形; 使成畸形; adj. 畸形的【例句】In severe cases , it can deform joints and creconomical [,i:k?''n?mik?l] adj. 节约的, 节俭的, 经济的【例句】Engineers are forever seeking more economical methods of solving old problems . 工程师们常常探索解决老问题的更加经济的办法。 efficient [i''fi??nt] adj. 高效的,有效的Eiffel Tower 埃exceed [ik''si:d] vt. 超过,超越;vi.(在数量、质量上)领先execute [''eksikju:t] v. 实施,施工【例句】execute a command 执行命令execute a plan 实施计划execution [,eksi''kju:??n] n. 实施,执行expedite [''ekspi,dait] vt. 加快进展;迅速完成expertise [eksgenerate [''d?en?reit] vt. 形成 ;造成generator [''d?en?reit?] n. 发电机, 发生器geology [d?i''?l?d?i] n. 地质学geometric [d?i?u''metr

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湖北宜昌市高中英语unit3lifeinthefuturepart1vocabulary学案无答案新人教版必修5201801171118 5P


1Unit 3 Life in the futurePart 1 Vocabulary一、 【学习目标】1. 熟读 Unit 3 的所有单词词组;2. 熟读会写除人名地名以外的所有单词词组;3. 掌握重点词汇的用法并能熟练运用二、[自主预习] Word formation1.settlement(n.)→______________(vt. vi.) 解决;处理;定居 2. impression(n.)→_____________(vt.)给…以印象→ ______________ (adj.)给人印象深刻的3. lack(n. vt.)→ _____________(adj.)缺少的 4. press(vi. vt.)→ _______________ (n.)压力 5. representative(n.)→_______________ (vt.) 代表;表现 6. motivation(n.)→ ______________(vt.) 刺激;使有动机 7. optimistic (adj.)→_______________ (n.) 乐观主义→______________ (n.) 乐观主义者8. adjustment(n.)→ _______________ (v.)调整;调节 9. desert (n. vt.)→ ________________ (adj.) 荒芜的;抛弃的 10. constant(adj.)→_________________(adv.) 不断地三、 【合作探究】Key words and expressions 1. tolerate vt. __________________[研读思考]1. I can’t tolerate your bad manners any longer.2. It seems that these ants can tolerate temperatures which would kill other species.3. We don’t tolerate smoking in the library.4. He won’t tolerate anyone questioning his decision.[结构归纳]1. 容忍某事_______________________ 2. 容忍做某事________________________3. 容忍某人做某事______________________[延伸拓展]1. I think you become more tolerant of other people as you get older.2. We need to show greater tolerance to each other. [结构归纳] 1. 对某人容忍的 ____________________ 2. 对某人宽容_____________________[同义词(组)] 1. put up with 2. stand 3. bear1. He was unable to bear the pain any longer.22. I don’t know how she put up with his cruelty to her.3. Let’s hurry up! He can’t stand being kept waiting.[实战演练]1. Some old people don’t like pop songs because they ________

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湖北宜昌市高中英语unit2theunitedkingdompartivocabulary学案无答案新人教版必修520180117183 6P


1Unit 2 The United KingdomPart I Vocabulary一、 【学习目标】1. 熟读 Unit2 的所有单词和词组2. 会写除人名和地名以外的所有单词和词组3. 会熟练运用重点单词和词组二、 【自主预习】I. Word formation1.unite ____________(n.) 2. clarify________________________(pp.)3.accomplish__________________(n.) 4. educate ________ (adj.) _________ (n.)5.nationwide ________________(n.) 6. convenience ______________(adj)7. architecture _____________________(n.) 8. collection___________________(v)9. enjoyable _________________(v.) 10. description ___________________(v.)11.furnished _____________(v.)___________(n.) 12. fold ________________ (oppo.) 13..possibility______________ (adj.) 14. thrill _________(adj.) ___________(adj) 15. attract_________________(n.) 16. arrange_____________(n.)II. Key words and phrases 1 . arrange v. ______________________[研读思考](1) She arranged an appointment for Friday afternoon at four-fifteen. ____________2(2) A number of seats have been arranged in front of the painting. ______________(3)When she has a little spare time she enjoys arranging flowers. ______________(4)I''ve arranged to see him on Friday morning.(5) I’ve arranged for Mary to meet you at the airport.[结构归纳] 1. 安排做某事_____________________ 2. 安排某人/某物做某事 ____________________[即学即练] I’ve _________________________________________. (arrange) 我已安排一辆车来接你。[尝试运用] _____________________(包办婚姻)is a good topic to mention since it still exists today in our life. (arrange) [延伸拓展]well-arranged adj _________________2. delight n._____________

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湖北宜昌市高中英语unit2cloningpartivocabulary学案无答案新人教版选修820180117155 6P


1Unit 2 CloningPartI : Vocabulary一、 【学习目标】1. 熟读 Unit2 的所有单词和词组;2. 会写除人名和地名以外的所有单词词组;3. 会熟练运用重点单词和词组。二、 【自主预习】: Word-formation1. exact adj. _____________________ adv.精确地2. commercial adj. _______________________ n.商业;贸易3. carrier n. ______________________ v.携带;搬运4. cast vt. _____________ pt. _____________ pp.扔;投;掷5. correct adj./v. __________________ n.改正;修正6. object vi. ______________ n.反对;不赞成______________adj.客观的___________opp.主观的7. medium n. ____________________ pl.媒介8. obtain vt. __________________________ adj.可获得的;可赢得的9. retire vi. ______________________ n.退休;离开10. assume vt. __________________________ n.假定;设想11. popularity n. __________________ adj.流行的;受欢迎的12. strike v. ____________ pt. ____________ pp.打;撞击;罢工13. resist vt. _______________ n.对抗;抵抗_______________adj.对抗的;反抗的 14. decoration n. ________________________v.装饰15. reasonable adj. ________________ n.原因16. differ vi. ___________ adj.不同的 ___________ adv.不同地___________n.不同;相异 17. undertake vt. _________ pt. _________ pp.着手;从事;承担;保证 _________ n.承担者18. conservative adj. _______________v.保存;保持;保护______________n.保存;保持;保护19. forbid vt. ____________________ pt. ________________________ pp.禁止;不准20. identical adj._____________v.鉴定;识别__________n.身份;一致21. accumulate v._____________n.积累;聚集22. adore v.___________n.崇拜;爱慕___________adj.可爱的;值得崇拜的;可敬重的三、 【基础知识】Key words and expressions 1. differ vi.__________________________ 【研读思考】(1) Her method doesn’t differ much from mine. 2(2) The brothers differ in their interests.(3) French differs from English in this respect. (

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1Unt 1 Living wellPart I Vocabulary一、 【学习目标】1. 熟读 Unit1的所有单词和词组;2. 会写除人名和地名以外的所有单词词组;3. 会熟练运用重点单词和词组。二、 【自主预习】Ⅰ.Word-formation1. able adj. 能够的;有能力的 ._________n.能力__________adj. 残疾的_________ n. 残疾2. ambition n. 野心;雄心_________________ adj. 有雄心的;有野心的 3. dictation n. 听写;口授_________ v. 听写 4. suit v. 适合 _______ adj.适合的 5. entry n. 项目;入口 __________ v. 进入6. beneficial adj. 有益的;受益的 ______________ v. 有益;受益___________ n. 益处7. absence n. 缺席;不在某处. ___________adj. 缺席的;不在场的 8. annoy v. 使 ……不悦;惹恼 _______ n. 使人烦恼的人或事 ___________adj. 颇为生气的 _________adj. 恼人的;讨厌的 9. firm n./ adj. 公司;结实的;坚固的 _______________ adv. 坚固地;坚定地;稳固地 10. encourage v. 鼓励__________ n. 鼓励 11. abolish v. 废除;废止 ________n. 废除;废止12. slavery n. 奴隶制 ________ n 奴隶 13. congratulate v. 祝贺 __________ n.祝贺 14. architect n. 建筑师_______n.建筑学 15. approve v. 赞成;批准_________ n. 赞成;认可16. psychology n.心理学_______n.心理学家________adj.心理学的 ________adv. 心理2上的17. politics n. 政治___________ n政治家 ._______ adj.政治的 ____________ adv. 政治地18. assist v. 帮助;援助_____________ n. 帮助__________________ n. 助手19. access n. 方法;通路 ________________ adj. 可接近的;可使用的;可进入的Ⅱ. 短语荟萃 1. during /in one’s absence/during the absence of sb./sth. 在某人/物缺席或者不在期间be absent from … 缺席… be absent-minded 心不在焉的2. be annoyed with sb. for doing sth. 因做某事生某人的气 be annoyed by/ at/about sth. with sb. 因某事生某人的气3. under the conduct of 在…的指导/管理下 conduct sb. around sp 带领某人参观某地conduct electricity 导电 conduct oneself well/badly/like a gentleman 表现好/差/像君子4. congratulate oneself on doing sth. (因成就或成功)为自己感到高兴、庆

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外研版book3必修三module5优质教案-reading and vocabulary.  ppt 31P

外研版book3必修三module5优质教案-reading and vocabulary. ppt.ppt

1.Exploring the old and deducing(推 ? )the new makes a teacher. 2. To learn without thinking is labour in vain(无效 ),to think without learning is desolation(荒 ? ). 3. Knowledge is not equal to devotion(热爱 ). Devotion is not equal to joy. 4.You can learn from everyone.温故而知新,可以为师矣 。学而不思则罔,思而不学则怠。 知之者不如好知者,好知者不如乐知者。 三人行必有我师。Reading and VocabularyPhilosophers ofAncient ChinaLearn the new words and phrases.order(秩序 )bring up(抚养、提出、呕吐 ) found (创立 )principle(原则、准则 ) belief(信仰、相信 ) Learn the new words and phrases.principle(原则、准则 ) 2. found (创立 )belief(信仰、相信 ) 4. order(秩序 )bring up(抚养、提出、呕吐 ) stress(强调 ) 2. position(职位 ) follow one’s advice (听从某人的劝告 )resign(辞职 ) 5. adviser (顾问 ) influential(有影响的 ) Match the words with the definitions:1. an idea that influences the way you behave __________2. to start an organisation or philosophy __________3. the feeling that something is true and exists __________4. when people obey laws and rules and do not cause trouble __________5. to look after children until they are adults _____________principlefoundbelieforderbring upCheck your answers after reading the passage quickly. Match the words with the definitions:6. give a lot of importance to ___________7. job ___________8. doing what he suggested ________________9. tell your employer that you are going to leave your job ___________10. someone who gives advice

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1Unit 5 Theme ParksPart 1 Vocabulary一、 【学习目标】1. 熟读 Unit5 的所有单词词组;2. 熟读会写除人名地名以外的所有单词词组;3. 熟读会写能用重点单词词组。二、[自主预习] Word formation1.various (adj.)____________________(adv.)___________________(n.)___________________(v.)2.amusement(n.)___________________(v.)_____________________(adj.)3.minority(n.)_____________________(oppo.)__________________(adj.)4.translator(n.)_____________________(v.)_____________________(n.)5.athletic(adj.)_____________________(n.) 6.fantasy(n.)_________________________(adj.)7.advance(v.)______________________(adj.)三、 【合作探究】 Key words:1.be famous for 以…而闻名 =____________________________________[研读思考]1. The area is famous/known/well-known for its green tea. 2. Hangzhou is well-known / famous/known for the West Lake. 3. He is famous/known/well-known as a great writer.4. Zhao Wei is famous/known/well-known to most young people.[结构归纳]1.作为…而著名__________________________ 2.为......所知/所了解____________________[即学即练](1).Jin Yong_________________________________ 金庸作为一名作家而著名。(2).____________________ _____________________ 警察都知道他。(3).Sherlock Holmes ___________________ as a detective and he _________________ 2everybody for his quick thinking and careful observation.2. swing n.摆动,挥动;秋千 vt.&vi.(使)动摇,摇摆;(使)突然转向;(使)改变(意见,情绪等)[研读思考]1. It’s bad manners to swing your legs while eating. __________2. I wanted to swing round and shout at him. __________3. Can you swing them round to my point of view. __________4. He too

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1Unit 5 First AidPart I Vocabulary一、 【学习目标】1. 熟读 Unit 5 的所有单词和词组;2. 会写黑体部分的所有单词和词组;3. 会熟练运用重点单词和词组。二、 【自主预习】Word formation:1. bleed(vt. vi.)→________________(n. ) 血;血液2. apply(vt. vi.)→_____________(n.)申请;应用→ ______________ (n.)申请人→ ________________(adj.)应用的3. injury(n.)→ ________________( vt.)伤害;损害→ ________________(adj.)受伤的4. poison(n.)→ ________________ (adj.)有毒的 5. organ(n.)→______________ (adj.) 器官的;有机的 6. treat(vt. vi. n.)→ _________________(n.) 治疗;处理7. bravery (n.)→__________________ (adj.)勇敢的8. pressure(n.)→ _________________ (vt.)按;压;压迫9. variety(n.)→ ______________ (adj.) 不同的;各式各样的→___________ (vi. vt.) 不同;改变10. wild(adj. )→________________(adv.) 温和地;轻柔地三、 【合作探究】1. aid n. & vt. 帮助;援助;资助[研读思考](1) The old man has aided the two poor brothers who are orphans for many years. (2) He came to the aid of the hurt man. (3) They encouraged and aided him in his scientific studies.(4) They aided the poor country with money.(5) With the aid of our teachers, we learned how to perform first aid. [结构归纳](1) 急救________________ (2) 在某人的帮助下_________________________(3) 来帮助某人______________________ (4) 帮助某人(做)某事________________________(5) 以某物帮助某人_________________________________[即学即练]1. , the old man can walk steadily. (aid)2拄着拐杖,这位老人能够稳稳的走路了。2. The classmates English study. (aid)同学们帮助他学习英语。3. We ahead of time. (aid)我们已经帮助他提前完工了。2. fall ill 生病 (fall 为连系动词)[研读思考]Since he fell ill suddenly he couldn’t attend the meeting.由于

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外研版高 二选修 (6)Module32020/2/17How can you keep the relationship between you and your friends?DateReading &VocabularyDate Roy’s storyDateTask1:Match the words with theirmeanings.1.financial2.moody3.theft4.charity5.cloakroom6.fairA. an organization that gives money or help to people who need itB. a room where you can leave your coat, bag, etc.C. often angry or unhappyD. something organized by a school to make moneyE. connected with money.F. stealing.DateTask2: Read the passage and finish Activity2 on Page30. 1. What was Roy like before his father died?2. What kind of relationship did Roy and Daniel have?3. How did Roy change?4. What happened in the cloakroom that surprised Daniel?5. What happened to the £500?6. How did Daniel know who had stolen it?DateSample answers:1. He was popular, outgoing and friendly.2. A close friendship, where they trusted each other.3. He became silent and moody, losing interest inschoolwork and friends.4. Daniel saw that Roy was stealing other boy’s money.5. It was stolen from the box in the classroom.6. He put on Roy'' jacket and found the money in his pocket.DateTask3: ListeningThere are 8 paragraphs in the text. Listen to the tape and divide the whole text into 4 parts. Then give the general idea of each part.DatePart1: (Para.__---__)Part2: (Para__)1 2I got to know Roy and made friends with him.3Unhappy things happened to Roy and he changed completely. DatePart3: (Para__---__)Part4: (Para__---__) 4 5I found Roy stole other students’ wallets.6 8I fou

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? Provided one knows the appropriate vocabulary without much knowledge of grammar, communicating in a foreign language may not be very difficult, but it is next to impossible without vocabulary.? ????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Wilkins (1972)Difficulties in vocabulary learningv There are too many words to learn. I don’t know how to cope with them.v The words are like eels. They are too slippery to be kept in our memory.v I know its meaning if I can see the word, but I feel puzzled when I hear the word.v When I come across new words, I don’t know how to deal with it. Should I consult a dictionary or guess it, or ignore it?Chapter 6 vocabulary learning strategies? 汉字,长于表义,拙于表音;? 英语单词,恰恰相反。Questions for discussionv What is a realistic goal in our vocabulary learning?v How do we achieve our goal in vocabulary learning?v How do we deal with new words in reading?v How can we avoid forgetting what we have learned?v How can we know our vocabulary size?? 全球语言监控中心 ?? 美国加利福尼亚州的圣迭戈 ?2006年 3月 21日(即春分日)为止,英语的单词量已经达到 988968个。 ? Confucious?? kung?fu?? mahjong?? chow?mein?? dim?sum?? Vertebra? Cranium? Nucleus? Columna---column? Instumentum---instrument? Spiritus---spirit1. Realistic goal in our vocabulary learningv An American university student ? about 20,000 words.Passive & active vocabulary? Receptive/Passive?vocabulary被动词汇 :?refers?to?words?that?one?is?able?to?recognize?and?comprehend?in?reading?or?listening?but?unable?to?use?automatically?in?speak

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外研社版高一必修1-unit-3-my-first-ride-on-a-train-reading-and-vocabulary-ppt课件 23P


My first trip to the Great WallMy visit to a modern farm My journey to a famousvalley in autumnDescribe the first time you travelled a long distance. Say how old you were, where you went and who you went with.Exampel: I first travelled a long distance by train when I was six years old.I went with my parents from Shanghai to Beijing.My first trip to the seasideReading and vocabularyLook at the picture and say where do you think of it is. ( P 22) AustraliaSydney Opera Housebeach & kangarooAlice Springthe map of Australiathe nation flagLook at the pictures collected by our classmates. Do you know what and where they show us. AustraliaSydney Opera Housethe map of Australiathe national flagAlice SpringsbeachKangaroo 5. What Australian animals do you know about?1. Do you know how many people live there?2. Do you know the name of the capital city? 3. Where do you think most of the people live, in the central part of the country or on the coast?4. What do you think the central part of the country is like?AustraliaMore than 20 millionCanberraOn the east coast and the southeast coastDesertKangaroo koala bear duck-billed platypus dingoKangaroo, koala bear, duck-billed platpus, dingo, possum…etc.袋鼠 树熊 扁嘴兽 澳洲野狗, 负鼠Scenery of Australiaabandoned camels cassette clouds colourful desert diamonds distance experts famous farms fields food government law meal midnight passengers products recently sand scenery shine shoot soil supply weatherCheck t

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