Table of ContentsTitle Page Copyright PageDedicationChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15ChapterChapter 30Chapter 31Chapter 32Chapter 33Chapter 34Chapter 35Chapter 36Chapter 37Chapter 38EpilogueThe big push . . .I had to move now. The box sat on the counter. It didn’t weigh more than acouple pounds, but I had never moved a physical object in my present statebefore. I didn’t even know if I coPraise for DESOLATE ANGEL“I do not want Kevin Fahey to rest in peace. I want him to hang around untilhe’s solved every one of the cases he bungled when he was a live detective.Happily, there are enougTHE BERKLEY PUBLISHING GROUPPublished by the Penguin GroupPenguin Group (USA) Inc.375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014, USAPenguin Group (Canada), 90 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 700, Toronto, OThey say some men die and go to Heaven,while others are doomed to Hell.But for me, death was an awful lot like life:I went absolutely nowhere.PrologueA man lies dying on the grime-encrusted floor of an abandoned house on thebanks of the Delaware. The air is heavy with the stench of human detritus andthe whiskey sweat of fear. The man knows Chapter 1I never recognized my wife’s beauty when I was alive. Distracted by shiningeyes and an all-forgiving smile, I married her and stayed married to her fortwenty-three years, never noticing when for my sons to burst in after school. Their hair stands up wildly from the cold,dry air and I savor
1Unit 5 Theme parksA Basic Writing-How to write an announcement(授课日期: 年 月 日 星期 班级 )拟 课时授课题目A Basic Writing——— How to write an announcement 第 课时明确目标 1、知识与技能:Enable students to know some writing skillsLet students master some useful expressions2、过程与方法: Discussion and group work 3、情感态度与价值观:Let students learn how to make a balance between study and leisure 重点难点 重点:Teach the basic writing skills难点: Help students really master the writing methods课型 □讲授 □习题 □复习 □讨论 □其它教 学 内 容 设 计 教师自备内容Step1. Check the homework.words revision;Step2. Lead in1.Ask students to discuss how to write a basic writing2. Teacher make a summary of the writing methodsStep 3. Show the writing。假如你是高三级某班班长,最近你要组织一次郊游,有关本次活动的信息如下:游览地点 凤凰山(Fenghuang Mountain)郊游原因 高三学生忙于准备高考,学习压力大,应劳逸结合。郊游目的 亲近大自然,欣赏美景,呼吸新鲜空气,享受阳光;放松自己,释放压力,提高学习效率。出发时间 本星期天上午 8:002集中地点 学校门口【写作内容】请你根据上面表格提供的信息,向同学们介绍组织这次郊游的原因和目的等情况, 动员全班同学参与这次活动。【写作要求】1. 只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容。2. 文章的开头和结尾已为你写好(所给句子不计入 5 个句子中) 。【参考词汇】高考 College Entrance Examination 释放压力 ease one’s pressure 有效率的 efficientWe have decided to go for an outing to Fenghuang Mountain this weekend. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________So I hope all the students can take part in this activity.2. A Sample WritingWe have decided to go for an outing to Fenghuang Mountain
How to write an argumentation ? 写作按照写作类型来说,有图画作文,图表作文,提纲作文,开放作文。按照文体类型来说,有记叙文,说明文,议论文 和应用文。针对不同的文章都要针对不同的应试技巧去动笔。某中学生英 语报 社正开展一 场题为Young?teachers?or?elderly?teachers,which?do?you?prefer?”请 你依据下面表格所提供的要点写一篇短文,向 该报 社投稿。老年教 师 青年教 师·教学耐心. 讲解 细 致. 经验丰富·精力充沛.教学活 泼 .勇于 创 新你的 观 点 ?注意:1. ??词 数 100左右,开 头语 已 为 你写好,不 计 入 总 数;2.短文必 须 包含表格的全部内容。要求 观 点明确, 结 构合理, 紧 凑 连贯 。Opinions?are?divided?on?this?question.§ Introduction?:??an?introduction?to?the?essay?§ Body?:?evidence?to?support?your?idea§ ????????????(用论据说明自己的观点 )§ Conclusion:?state?or?restate?your?idea?§ ?????结论 (重申自己的观点 ,?呼应前文 )Argumentation?(议论文 )?Introduction?(开头 ):lNowadays?,?…?play?a?more?and?more?important?role?in?our?daily?life.?(如今 ,?… 在我们的日常生活中越来越重 .)2)Should?……???Different??people?have?different?opinions?on?the?issues?of?…3)?Recently?we?had?a?heated?discussion?on…?Opinions??are?various?among?different?people.(人们对此事有不同的看法 )(04)湖北 :?学习英语要不要从儿童时期开始 ??Different?people?have?different?opinions?on?the?issues?of?whether?it?is?necessary?to?start?learning?English?from?childhood.?Body(正文 ):1. Some may hold the view that… because / firstly.. (有些人认为 …)§ But others have a negative attitude. From their point of view,…§ (有些人却持有不同的观点 , 他们认为 …)2. some people are against the idea of … because ….§ while some are for the idea of … 3.1) (表顺序 )Firstly…. (in the first place,/ first of all) secondly… thirdly… , the last but not the least ,2)(表递进 ) what is more/in addition/ furthermore/ moreover (另外 ) , what is worse(更糟糕的是 …) 3) (表比较 ) on one hand…. on the other hand, on the


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----音乐起, 旁白: Once upon a time , there was a queen. She had a pretty daughter named Snow White. Soon after the child was born, the queen died. The king married another queen. The stepmother didn''t like Snow White much.She made Snow White do all the housework day and all night.----白雪出场 ( 扫地 ,做清洁 .)Snow White (白雪 ): My name is Snow White , I am a beautiful princess, I miss my mother so much, Where is my mother? Where is my mother?----音乐起,皇后出场Evil Queen (毒皇后 ): I''m the new queen. As you can see, I''m very beautiful. If anyone is more beautiful than me, I''ll kill her. I have a magic mirror. If I want to know something, it will tell me. Now, mirror, mirror!? Mirror (魔镜 ): Yes, my Queen. What do you want to know?? 皇后: Mirror, mirror, on the wall.Who is the fairest(最美丽 ) of them all?? 魔镜: You are beautiful, my queen. But there is a young lady. She is as white as snow, as red as rose. She is much more beautiful than you.? 皇后: She is much more beautiful than me? Who is she? Tell me right now.? 魔镜: She is Snow White.皇后: Snow White? No, I''m the most beautiful in the world. Oh, hunter, come here, come here!Hunter (猎人 ): Yes, my queen. I''m here.? 皇后: Hunter! Take Snow White far away to pick some flowers. Find a quiet place and kill her.? 猎人: But she is the princess.…? 皇后: Just kill her and bring her heart to me. I don''t want to see her again.? 猎人: Yes!? 皇后: Here is a box. You must put her heart in it and bring it to me.? 猎人: Yes!? ----音乐起? 白雪: ( 高兴地摘花 ) One flower,two flowers,three flowers…. So many flowers! How beautifu

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斯柯达昊锐竞品对比及攻防话术 v4(part 3 天籁 teana) 28P

斯柯达昊锐竞品对比及攻防话术 v4(part 3 天籁 teana).ppt

1竞品对比及攻防话术 Superb昊锐2天籁 TEANA3天籁 TEANA概述lTeana的名字来源于美洲土语,意思是黎明    l 事实上,亚洲市场推出的这款 Teana是桂冠和风度的后继车型l 天籁是首款在北美市场以外使用这一平台的车型。是目前 Nissan最新的车型之一 车 型 2.0L XE 标 准版 2.0L XL 舒适版 2.0L XL Opt 豪 华 版 2.5L XL 领 先版 2.5L XL Res 剧 院版售价 19.08 19.98 21.28 22.48 24.984天籁 TEANA宣传卖点富有立体感的前格栅梦幻感大型 LED尾灯时尚锐利的前大灯风尚外观 超群静谧 从容操控 周密安全360度噪音隔绝技术各路况吸音等噪技术高速风噪弱化技术高刚性杠杆平衡悬挂结构全面优化的高刚性车身结构全球十佳 V6发动机新一代智能 CVT变速器前后独立悬挂TOPS随速感应智能转向系统信息安全操控安全碰撞安全5斯柯达昊锐 PK 天籁 TEANA6SKODA昊锐竞品对比 -外形篇VS? 欧风造型? 优雅车身? 家族式犀利车头? 贵雅尾部? 浑圆车身? 拙厚车头? 下榻尾部7SKODA昊锐竞品对比 -内饰篇VS? 欧洲豪华内饰? 镀铬饰圈, 3D金属效果? 家居内饰风格? 大面积桃木饰板8动力对比昊 锐 ( EVOⅡ ) TEANA90km/h等速油耗( L/100km)1.8T 6.1 8.9(CVT) 2.0L2.0T 6.1 9.5(CVT) 2.5L排放指 标 国 IV 国 IV额 定功率 /转 速(kW/rpm)1.8T 118/5000~6200 100/5600 2.0L2.0T 147/5000~6000 136/6000 2.5L最大扭矩 /转 速(Nm/rpm)1.8T 250/1500~4200 190/4400 2.0L2.0T 280/1800~5000 232/4400 2.5L9安全对比项 目 昊 锐 天 籁集成于保 险 杠上的前 雾 灯 带 “转 弯照明 ”功能 ● -ESP ( ABS, MBA, MSR, ASR, EDS, HBA, DSR, RBS) ● -坡道 辅 助控制 ● -胎 压监测 系 统 ,间 接通 过 ABS传 感器 监测 ( 轮 速信号) ● -前排燃爆 预紧 式 三 点自 动 安全 带 (高度可 调 ) ● ●前排正面双气囊 , ● ●前排左 /右 侧 气囊 ● ●头 部安全气囊 ● -ISOFIX儿童座椅安全固定支架 ● -10舒适对比Superb昊 锐竞 品参数配置 对 比表车 型名称 2.0TSI AT Comfort 天 籁 2.5L XL 领 先版官方价格   22.48后排出 风 口 左 /右 B柱空 调 出 风 口 , 地板出风 口 中 间 ,地板显 示器 多功能指示 ,带 行 驶时间调节 彩色非触摸式散射照明 ● -前后 电动车 窗一 键 式防夹 功能 四 门 驾驶 席CD音响 6碟 CD带 MP3功能 6碟后 风挡 遮阳帘 ● -114850277514751795空间对比12空间对比昊 锐 天 籁总长 ( mm) 4838 4850总宽 ( mm) 1817 1795总 高( mm) 1426 1475轴 距( mm) 2761 2775前排 头 部空 间 ( mm) 960 930前排肩部空 间 ( mm) 1315 1320前排腿部空 间 ( mm) 960 920后排 头 部空 间 ( mm

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斯柯达昊锐竞品对比及攻防话术v4(part3天籁teana) 28P


1竞品对比及攻防话术 Superb昊锐2天籁 TEANA3天籁 TEANA概述lTeana的名字来源于美洲土语,意思是黎明    l 事实上,亚洲市场推出的这款 Teana是桂冠和风度的后继车型l 天籁是首款在北美市场以外使用这一平台的车型。是目前 Nissan最新的车型之一 ? 型 2.0L XE ? 准版 2.0L XL 舒适版 2.0L XL Opt 豪 ? 版 2.5L XL ? 先版 2.5L XL Res ? 院版售价 19.08 19.98 21.28 22.48 24.984天籁 TEANA宣传卖点富有立体感的前格栅梦幻感大型 LED尾灯时尚锐利的前大灯风尚外观 超群静谧 从容操控 周密安全360度噪音隔绝技术各路况吸音等噪技术高速风噪弱化技术高刚性杠杆平衡悬挂结构全面优化的高刚性车身结构全球十佳 V6发动机新一代智能 CVT变速器前后独立悬挂TOPS随速感应智能转向系统信息安全操控安全碰撞安全5斯柯达昊锐 PK 天籁 TEANA6SKODA昊锐竞品对比 -外形篇VS? 欧风造型? 优雅车身? 家

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Thank youvery much!3. 嗅觉信息处理当用气味气体脉冲刺激嗅上皮时 , 嗅球内神经元放电活动呈现一种特殊的时间和空间上分布的反应模式。在时间模式上僧帽细胞对一定刺激既可能是兴奋性的,也可能是抑制性的。当浓度增加时,兴奋性反应变为短促放电并尾随一个抑制时相。而抑制性反应对浓度增加都呈现压抑作用,这种压抑作用有利于对新气体的检测。对空间模式研究以 2-脱氧葡萄糖法最好。此法清楚地显示,一个小球连同投射给它的嗅神经元可以作为一个功能单位。嗅球内细胞活动的空间模式代表了气体分子的化学性质属性。4. 嗅球对前脑的输出嗅球输出通路是僧帽细胞和丛状细胞的轴突 , 它们在嗅球后侧部汇聚形成侧嗅束经前脑底侧到达梨状皮层和部分杏仁核 , 在梨状皮层换神经元后投射到丘脑、下丘脑、杏仁核、眶内皮层,继而投射到眶前皮层和海马。有些通路还连接下颞皮层区 (右图 ).通过连接实现对求食、求偶等活动控制。嗅球接受很多来自脑其它部分的离心纤维的支配,主要有三类: ①来自前嗅核和别的嗅皮层的纤维 , 其功能如同感觉信息加工中的反馈回路 ; ② 来自斜角带的水平支核 , 属于支配前脑的胆碱能系统的一部分 ; ③ 来自中脑的纤维 , 属于支配前脑是去架肾上腺素能和

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eu-15-boteanu-bypassing-self-encrypting-drives-sed-in-enterprise-environments-wp 16P


13 6. References [1] Trusted Computing Group, Storage Security Subsystem Class: Opal, Specification Version 2.01, Revision 1.00, August 5, 2015 [2] Trusted Computing Group, Commonly Asked Questions a 12 We tested the Hot Plug Attack, Forced Restart Attack and Hot Unplug Attack on various configurations with Seagate and Samsung drivers of different models, on Lenovo and Dell laptops of different m 11 able to boot from an attacker-controlled OS and read the data. This workaround addresses the Forced Restart Attack technique. 4.2 Recommendations for SED Manufacturers SED manufacturers should co 10 The following configuration was found to be vulnerable to this attack: ■ Seagate ST500LT015 - Microsoft BitLocker eDrive - Lenovo ThinkPad W541 Note that this technique is similar to the Hot Plug 9 Figure 4 – SATA power and data cable and connector with pins1 exposed Figure 5 – SATA pins connected to drive while operating 3. Break the SATA power and data connections between the drive and the 8 Figure 2 – SED in laptop compartment with cover open Figure 3 – SED in laptop compartment with cover open and SATA pins exposed (shown by arrow) 2. Supply power to the drive SATA pins from an alter 7 3.3.4 Keyboard Triggered BSOD Windows has a documented way for triggering BSODs using the keyboard after adding a specific key to the Windows Registry [12]. This technique is not a vulnerability an 6 ■ 01:01:00:C:4 ■ 01:01:00:C:5 ■ 09:00:00:C:9 3.3.2 USB Hub Chaining Triggered BSOD In addition to being able to trigger a BSOD sending malformed USB packets, we were able to consistently crash a fu

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单击此处内容结语这十四天短暂而又充实的实践,我认为对我走向社会起到了一个桥梁的作用,过渡的作用,是人生的一段重要的经历,也是一个重要步骤,对将来走上工作岗位也有着很大帮助。通过这次的实习,我通过亲身体验社会实践让自己更进一步了解社会,在实践中增长见识,锻炼自己的才干,培养自己的韧性,更重要的是检查一下自己所学的东西能否被社会所用,自己的能力能否被社会所承认,找出自己的不足和差距所在。饭店实践虽然幸苦,去也长了我的见识,正逢新春,饭店里的菜色是五花八门,使我产生了灵感,想把这次的实践报告写成我对中国新年美食佳肴的感悟,通过在饭店里的工作,我看到了现在的人们对于美食的态度,不仅仅是追求味道,更追求一种健康。对于除夕夜饭桌上的佳肴,人们越开越注重原汁原味儿。希望能品尝到儿时的味道,家乡的美食。致谢欢庆除夕夜,幸福迎蛇年。除夕团年吃年饭,正月宴客迎财源。跨入 2013,我们都有很多期待,很多憧憬,很多新年愿望等待实现。2013 幸福过年,通过这短短的两周的实践,让我懂得了理论与实践相结合的重要性。获益良多,这对我今后的生活和学习都有很大程度上的启发。我相信这次实践活动将会促使我逐步走向社会,慢慢走向成熟。就业环境的不容乐观,竞争形式的日趋激烈,面对忧虑和压力,于是就有了像我一样的在校大学生选择了假期打工。实践时间虽然只有短短的 7 天,但是在这段时间里,我们却可以体会一下工作的辛苦,锻炼一下意志品质,同时积累一些社会经验和工作经验。这些经验是一个大学生所拥有的“无形资产” ,真正到了关键时刻,它们的作用就会显现出来。所以,在这里我要首先感谢学校,感谢学校的良苦用心;其次,我要感谢我的父母,朋友,感谢他们对我这次社会实践活动的大力支持;最后,我要感谢我所实践的单位和同事,感谢他们的积极配合。谢谢! 我的感悟在饭店的打工,非常辛苦,由于我被领班分的工作是传菜员,基本上传菜员都是男生,为了证明我也可以做好,我必须更加的努力。然而过程却没有我想像的一帆风顺,每次传菜我需要手托两个菜品,有的菜品非常的重,手腕处要十分有力才行。由于饭店工作时间特殊,晚上是我们的黄金时间,客流量特别的大,我们传菜员有时候要连续端菜一个多小时以上,每晚回家时都是腰酸背痛啊!才开始的几天特别的累,非常后悔来打寒假工,这不是自己折磨自己吗?可是后来又想,既然决定了,就坚决不能放弃,不能因为一点点的困难,挫折,就打退堂鼓啊!于是在后来的工作中自己微笑面对顾客,认真工作,就是偶尔遇到点坎坷,也会为自己加油打气,挺过去!于是两周的打工圆满结束了。经过这次实践的经历,让我深刻的认识到,不管做什么事 情 都 一 定 要 认 真 仔 细 , 不 怕 辛 苦 。 学 习 也应 如 此 , 决 不 能 走 马 观 花 , 尤其在一些小的事情上绝对不能马虎。正所谓细节决定成败。过程难免有忽略的时候,但这时的我们应该 抱 有 学 习 的 态 度 主 动 求 教 于 他 人 , 不 放 过 任 何一 次 学 习 的 可 能 , 因 为 再 细 微 的 工 作 都 存 在 着 它 自 身 的 价 值 和 意 义 。 寒 假 社 会 实 践 让 我明 白 了 社 会 实 践 是 引 导我们学生走出校门,走向社会,领悟人生的真谛,创造人生的价值。树立正确的人生观,价值观。学习职业道德,职业活动中的法律知识,提高职业道德和法律意识,锻炼实际履 行 职 业 道 德 规 范 和 法 律 规 范 的 能 力 。 正 确 认 识 当 前 我 国 的 就 业 形 势 ,树 立 正 确 的 择 业 观 和 创 业 观 。 以 上 就 是 我 在 假 期 的 社 会 实 践 的 心 得 , 这 次 经 历 给 了 我 很深 的 感 触 ,对我以后的生活产生了很大的影响。通过这次的社会生活体验,我学到了,不论是老人还是小孩,不管

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白雪公主与七个小矮snowwhiteandthesevendwarfs英文 4P


七矮人:Ok! Carry Snow White with you to your palace. Be sure to be kind to her.王子:Yes, I will.I will love you forever, my dear! ( Kiss her.)旁白:As soon as the prince kissed Snow White, Snow White came to her life, as was written in the magic book of the wicked queen.白雪:Oh, my heaven! Where am I? What had happened?王子:You are with me, my dear. I love you. I love you more than everything in the world. Please be my wife, will you?白雪:Yes, I will, my dear! 七矮人:Oh! Congratulations! Congratulations!旁白:The prince took Snow White to the palace. Their wedding was held with great show 白雪:Good Bye!七矮人:Bye-bye! May you Happy Forever!白雪、王子:Thank you.Good Bye. See you later.老顽固:Kill her.白雪: ( Wake up ) What a nice sleep! Oh, who are you? Oh, I know. You are Doctor, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy and Dopey.七矮人:But why are you in our house?白雪:The queen, my stepmother wants to kill me. So I ran to your house. Don’t drive me away. Let me stay with you.老学究:If you take care of our house.开心果:If you do some cooking for us.喷嚏精:If you make the beds for us.瞌睡虫:If you do some washing, you can stay with us. 害羞鬼:But you must be careful.老顽固:Don’t go out. Don’t let anyone come in. Your stepmother will find you and kill you.白雪:I know. I know. Thank you.旁白:From then on, Snow White kept the house. When the seven dwarfs came back, she had everything prepared. On the other hand, when the wicked queen ate the heart, she took out the mirror and asked.皇后:Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?魔镜:Your Majesty! You are the fairest of all. But Snow White is still alive and well. She lives wi

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mcgraw-hill-adamsmith-thewealthofnations-completeandunabridged 508P


And, When buss herrings are entered for home consumption in Scotland, and pay the shilling a barrel of duty, the bounty stands thus, to wit as before L0APPENDIX The two following accounts are subjoined in order to illustrate and confirm what is said in the fifth chapter of the fourth book, concerning the tonnage bounty to the white-herring fishery. Tappendages, as a sort of splendid and showy equipage of the empire. But if the empire can no longer support the expense of keeping up this equipage, it ought certainly to lay it down; and if it cannotBefore the commencement of the present disturbances, the coercive power of the mother country had always been able to restrain those factions from breaking out into anything worse than gross brutalityfurniture, and into the ironwork necessary for building and extending their settlements and plantations. In those branches of business which cannot be transacted without gold and silver money, it appehim unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands. He could have, at all times, a larger quantity of goods in his shop or warehouse, and he could deal to a greater extent. But it seof the most populous. The Americans, it has been said, indeed, have no gold or silver money; the interior commerce of the country being carried on by a paper currency, and the gold and silver which ocheapness of their goods would increase the demand for them, and consequently for the labour of those who produced them. This increase in the demand for labour would both increase the numbers and impr

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ebsdasatooltoidentifyandquantifybainiteandferritein.x 10P


508 S. ZAEFFERER, P. ROMANO AND F. FRIEDELJacques, P.J., Girault, E., Mertens, A., Verlinden, B., van Humbeeck, J.& Delannay, F. (2001) The development of cold-rolled TRIP-assistedmultiphase steels. ALOW-ALLOYED Al-TRIP STEELS 507Fig. 10. Grain size distribution of austenite grains measured on a largearea of 200 × 200 µm2(white) and on the area displayed in Fig. 2c (grey).The semi-transparent band506 S. ZAEFFERER, P. ROMANO AND F. FRIEDELFig. 8. Relationship between the KAMmaxvalue and the smoothness ofthe bainite–ferrite boundary (see text for further details). Furthermore,the amount of pointLOW-ALLOYED Al-TRIP STEELS 505Fig. 6. Kernel average misorientation (KAM) map calculated for 3rdnearest neighbours from the same area as Fig. 4. (a) Full colouring. (b–f) Colouringof only those points504 S. ZAEFFERER, P. ROMANO AND F. FRIEDELFig. 4. Detail of the grain reference orientation deviation (GROD) map in Fig. 2. (a) Full colouring. (b–d) Colouring of only those points with a GROD valuesmLOW-ALLOYED Al-TRIP STEELS 503Fig. 3. Pattern quality (PQ) map of an electropolished sample. (a) Full colouring of the bcc phase with maximum contrast. The dark areas correspondto the austenite phase.502 S. ZAEFFERER, P. ROMANO AND F. FRIEDELFig. 2. Grain reference orientation deviation maps for the three samples prepared by (a) mechanical polishing, (b) chemical polishing, (c) electropolishing.ThLOW-ALLOYED Al-TRIP STEELS 501microscopy was carried out on the ND–RD plane (ND: normaldirection, RD: rolling direction) of the rolled sheet and on theRD–TD plane (TD: transverse directi

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hess(2004)howtowriteaneffectivediscussion 4P


How to Write an Effective DiscussionDean R Hess PhD RRT FAARCIntroductionElements to Include in the DiscussionState the Major Findings of the StudyExplain the Meaning of the Findings and Why the Findings AreImportantRelate the Findings to Those of Similar StudiesConsider Alternative Explanations of the FindingsState the Clinical Relevance of the FindingsAcknowledge the Study’s LimitationsMake Suggestions for Further ResearchGive the “Take-Home Message” in the Form of a ConclusionThings to Avoid When Writing the DiscussionOverinterpretation of the ResultsUnwarranted SpeculationInflating the Importance of the FindingsTangential IssuesThe “Bully Pulpit”Conclusions That Are Not Supported by the DataSummaryExplaining the meaning of the results to the reader is the purpose of the discussion section of a researchpaper. There are elements of the discussion that should be included and other things that should beavoided. Always write the discussion for the reader; remember that the focus should be to help thereader understand the study and that the highlight should be on the study data. Key words: publishing;writing; manuscripts, medical; communication. [Respir Care 2004;49(10):1238–1241. © 2004 DaedalusEnterprises]IntroductionYou have carefully written the hypothesis. You havedesigned the study and collected the data. You have con-ducted the statistical analysis and grouped the summaryresults into table and graphs. But what does it mean? Ex-plaining the meaning of the results to the reader is thepurpose of the discussion section. Although the discussioncomes at the end of the p

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howtowriteandillustatescientificpapers 180P


This page intentionally left blankHOW TO WRITE AND ILLUSTRATE A SCIENTIFICPAPER SECOND EDITIONThisSecond Editionof How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper willhelpbothfirst-time writers and more experienced authors, in all biological and medicaldisciplines, to present their results effectively. Whilst retaining the easy-to-readand well-structured approach of the previous edition, it has been broadened toinclude comprehensive advice on writing compilation theses for doctoral degrees,and a detailed description of preparing case reports. Illustrations, particularlygraphs, are discussed in detail, with poor examples redrawn for comparison.The reader is offered advice on how to present the paper, where and how tosubmit the manuscript, and finally, how to correct the proofs. Examples of bothgood and bad writing, selected from actual journal articles, illustrate the author’sadvice – which has been developed through his extensive teaching experience – inthis accessible and informative guide.BJO¨RN GUSTAVII has been teaching courses in scientific writing for doctoral(Ph.D.) studentsinmedicinefor 25 years.Hebringshispersonalexperiencetothisbook, both from writing more than 100 of his own research papers and from hiswork as a journal editor.How toWrite andIllustrateScientific PapersBjo¨rn GustaviiSecond EditionCAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESSCambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, São PauloCambridge University PressThe Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 8RU, UKFirst published in print formatISBN-13 978-0-521-87890-6ISBN-13 978-0-511-39316-7©

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mini protean tetra cell快速操作指南 3P

mini protean tetra cell快速操作指南.pdf

上海办事处: 021-64260808 北京办事处: 010-82675748 广州办事处: 020-87771498 免费维修电话: 800-820-5567 Mini Protean tetra cell 快速操作指南 1.将短玻璃板放在带有边条的长玻璃板上,做成玻璃板夹心 2.将玻璃夹心放入灌胶架,短玻璃板冲前。两块玻璃板底部齐平 3.锁紧夹子(绿色) ,夹紧玻璃板夹心,做成灌胶模块 4.把灰色的橡胶垫放在灌胶架底部,将灌胶模块放在灰色的胶垫上,灌胶架上部有一透明夹子,用此夹子夹住长玻璃板 5.灌入新鲜配置好的凝胶溶液(无须任何封边) ,如用梳子,水平放好梳子 常用聚丙烯酰胺凝胶电泳凝胶的配方见下: 配制 Tris-甘氨酸 SDS-PAGE 聚丙烯酰胺凝胶电泳分离胶所用溶液 不同体积( ml)凝胶液中各成分所需体积( ml) 溶液成分 5 10 15 20 25 30 40 5010% 水 1.9 4 5.9 7.9 9.9 11.9 15.9 19.830%丙烯酰胺溶液 1.7 3.3 5 6.7 8.3 10 13.3 16.71.5 mol/L Tris (pH8.8) 1.3 2.5 3.8 5 6.3 7.5 10 12.510% SDS 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.4 0.510%过硫酸氨 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.4 0.5TEMED 0.002 0.004 0.006 0.008 0.01 0.012 0.016 0.0212% 水 1.6 3.3 4.9 6.6 8.2 9.9 13.2 16.530%丙烯酰胺溶液 2 4 6 8 10 12 16 201.5 mol/L Tris (pH8.8) 1.3 2.5 3.8 5 6.3 7.5 10 12.510% SDS 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.4 0.510%过硫酸氨 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.4 0.5TEMED 0.002 0.004 0.006 0.008 0.01 0.012 0.016 0.02上海办事处: 021-64260808 北京办事处: 010-82675748 广州办事处: 020-87771498 免费维修电话: 800-820-5567 6.凝胶凝固后,取出梳子,加入准备好的样品。把 玻璃板夹心(凝胶)从灌胶架上取下 7.把玻板夹打开,放在干净的平台上。 8.把第一块胶三明治结构(短板朝内)放置于胶支 架上,以 30 度角倾斜放置。以同样方法把第二块 三明治结构放在玻板夹的另一面。如果跑奇数块 胶,则在另一边放置缓冲液挡板。 9.用一只手把两块三明治结构相向的朝水平方向推 到一起,使其紧密的和绿色的垫圈相接。短板朝内 并使其刚好位于绿色垫圈凹槽下。 10.用另一只手轻柔的朝绿色垫圈方向挤压三明治结 构,用绿色夹子夹住三明治结构。也可用手同时进 行此步操作。 11.将装配好的电泳架放入电泳槽内。如果大于两块 胶,则按上面方法安装另一块电泳架。 12.在电泳槽内槽加入缓冲液,使液面刚好低于外板边缘,然后上样。 13.在电泳槽中加入缓冲液,两块胶系统需要 550ml,四块胶系统需要 680ml。本系统有两个电泳架位置, Electrode Assembly(后方位置)和 Companion Running Module(前方位置) 。在正确放置电泳槽时,电泳槽内部边缘顶端的红色标记位于人的右边,黑色标记上海办事处: 021-64260808

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mini protean iii 电泳槽安装使用指南 2P

mini protean iii 电泳槽安装使用指南.pdf

Mini Protean IIIÈ£¢½P¨· 2 1| j ððb{µHH¥Éj ðð Sîj ððC? 2|j ðC?b Æ9?O j ðð-b  vj ðð¸? Ü 3 íÅC0s ä CÅj ððC?Sî9?  v 4Üç ä¥]?Çb9?O¸?|9?  vbç ä¥?Ç 9?O ?µBi üC0¨NC0CþÉj ðð 59 Æ?7 ¥Âz¥ `? ·A í¶ ©?H  ¨ x0 £ Übz x0 Ȩ dÿ `?È£ `?¥ ¥Zn/  dÿ `?È£ `?¥ ¥Z¥Å Tris-ż Ö SDS-PAGE dÿ `?È£s Ö? î¨ ·A ?]8ml `?AÏòîs î³8ml ·Aîs 5 10 15 20 25 30 40 5010% £ 1.9 4 5.9 7.9 9.9 11.9 15.9 19.830%dÿ ·A 1.7 3.3 5 6.7 8.3 10 13.3 16.71.5 mol/L Tris (pH8.8) 1.3 2.5 3.8 5 6.3 7.5 10 12.510% SDS 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.4 0.510%V ; Ö¼ 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.4 0.5TEMED 0.002 0.004 0.006 0.008 0.01 0.012 0.016 0.0212% £ 1.6 3.3 4.9 6.6 8.2 9.9 13.2 16.530%dÿ ·A 2 4 6 8 10 12 16 201.5 mol/L Tris (pH8.8) 1.3 2.5 3.8 5 6.3 7.5 10 12.510% SDS 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.4 0.510%V ; Ö¼ 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2

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